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  • UMTS 4G

  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Access Point (AP),

  • 1 x WAN port,

  • 1 x LAN port,

  • VoIP passthrough support,

  • Firewall,

  • QoS

  • Network backup

  • Authentication, Attack prevention

  • OpenVPN, OpenVPN Encryption, IPsec,

  • Microsoft IoT management client.

PRICE: $350.00 ex GST, plus delivery (Australia)


For those businesses that unfortunately find themselves in hard to get to locations or just run into the issue of a site that does not conform to standard NBN address or LOC ID requirements, this is an alternative.


A 4G Mobile Router that quite frankly, works incredibly well. A full feature device with Remote Management capabilities this is a more that adequate alternative to NBN when this is not available.


A small business location of a larger national services provider located in Kempsey, NSW, was using expensive, dedicated data services from a large Telco supplier.


The client had moved to a managed cloud telephony from us and wanted to upgrade their local internet.


Located in a challenging location, there were no terrestrial NBN data services available and when checking for Wireless NBN, the client ran into an issue with their location, the site did not have a valid address that NBN supported.


Answer; installation of the 4G Mobile Router provided access to the telstra 4G network and the router was able to provide Internet connectivity for the four local staff and supported delivery of exceptional quality hosted voice services, for about half the cost of a full NBN service, if it was available.







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