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Custom Branded Mobile Communications:

Companies greatly benefit from being able to deliver a personalized communication client to their users because one method does not fit every application.
It can be a bank institution that wants to provide a branded mobile app to their premier customers to communicate with their personal bank advisor. It could be a real-estate company that offers shared and open workspaces to its customers and proposes a branded mobile business communications tool as part of its end-to-end services offer.

Inclusion of Corporate applications and clinical data on mobile assets assists Medical and Nursing staff in providing prompt and efficient service.

Rainbow Smart Event features:
• A mobile client that is provided to visitors and carers to a Hospital or Aged Care facility (available for iOS and Android) and powered by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Rainbow for real-time communication cloud services.
• Customised mobile application branding (icons, colors, features and more), event lifecycle management, data processing, and reporting.
• A chatbot studio to manage the automation of interactions with the staff, visitors and caters, based on natural language processing (NLP), conversational assistance, answers to frequently asked questions and more.
• Integration with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniAccess® Stellar LBS for location-based services (Geo-Location)

Benefit from geofencing to notify people depending on their location, points of interest on an interactive map, data and analytics available from LBS Cloud Manager Analytics.

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