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DECT Replacement

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ALE CPaaS "Rainbow"

Business has been searching for a solution to the growing issue of providing workers, such as Nurses,  with realtime access to systems and tools to aid their provision of service to clients. The delivery of person-centered care is critical to all business service providers and this combined with the ongoing expense of replacing dated Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT).


Here we are offering a complete DECT/Critical Messaging System to replace expensive and featureless technology, such as DECT. That is why we have chosen ALE's CPaaS platform. Generally, CPaaS DECT replacement is 40% less expensive and allows for the adoption of CPaaS Nursecall and other specific solutions as a simple add-on.

Integration Capabilities for CPaaS DECT


  • Corporate applications

  • Clinical systems integration

  • Ai – Analytics, BOTS

  • Geo location services

  • Closest responder

  • Emergency lockdown

  • Nurse-call answer/respond

  • Security Camera access

  • Allied carer connection

  • 000 alert

  • IOT- sensor, duress

  • Network aware

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