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CPaaS Nursecall

Our ICONIC Nurse-call and Environmental Safety product far exceed the scope and specifications of other pure Nurse-call only systems. This allows us to work with you to customise an advanced notification and response solution that allows you to manage and respond to clients' needs as well as addressing location situational needs, as they occur.


We allow you to communicate with everyone on any device wherever they may be. Integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) our system can recognise and learn from incidents and with the capacity to monitor all environmental metrics, build better notification and information flows to Nurses, Staff, and Management allowing them to respond better and safeguarding clients, and site, safety and well being.


Nurse-call and Site Safety/Security


  • Notify Nurse teams when a Nurse-call alarm is initiated. Using Geo location features send the notification to the geographically nearest, and best-equipped Nurse responder (AI selected).

  • Notify Nurse response teams of the client's location when 000 is dialed.

  • Monitor temperature, moisture, motion, smoke and live weather feeds. Send alerts based on programmable thresholds and predetermined events.

  • Initiate a centre lockdown or announce a building evacuation from telephones, panic buttons and more. Discretely alert key personnel of a situation.

  • Access CCTV footage to address areas and individuals of concern, in real-time.

  • Designed to work with Android TV

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