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A Telecoms Consultant's Insight

Increased competition is driving some disturbing behaviours in at the big end of the market. As the big Telcos struggle to keep themselves relevant and the income streams they have relied on in the past constant, they are resorting to some old tricks.

A Telco never wants to see a customer walk out the door. Then provide better products at a better price, with improved client management and service you say? So true. But under the pressure of decreased margins on core products and increased competition from NBN, they need to keep clients until the next big thing, 5G Mobile, comes around.

Any business managers and CFO's need to be really conscious about the terms and conditions they are agreeing to when they sign their Telco contracts up for the next 3-5 years of service! Hidden in these contracts I am seeing not only benign looking statements around what happens in the lead up to and at the end of the contract but Telco Carriers actually carrying out their threats and forcing clients to resign or stay with them under the threat of sever financial penalties.

My experiences have shown that no-one is safe from these questionable practices.

My advice is to not sign an agreement with a Telecommunications provider until you have had your contracts reviewed by an industry consultant and you understand your risks. As these risks relate to timing and review processes you are well advised to leverage an Industry Specialist to assist with planning and manageing the Telecomminications process 12 months out from the end of your current contracts.

Next insight will involve a discussion around Fibre Data Networks and the timing for increased costs and more limited availability as 5G nears.

Mark Armstrong is a Telecommunications Industry Architect and Consultant working with small corporate and enterprise clients around taking their Teleco services to market, design and procurement.

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